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Contributing Stories

Do submit code written using Svelte, your projects or blog posts, talks about Svelte, and questions about programming with Svelte. Any sufficiently interesting general links about programming, servers, and computing are also acceptable.

Don't post jokes, memes, politics, religion, meta-discussion, drama about personalities, or moderation on this site or others.

Don't flood the site with submissions of your favorite thing - one post per topic should be sufficient.

Don't stuff too many words into the story name - that's what the Text field is for.


Contributing Comments

When posting to the site, please try to imagine you are in a face to face conversation with the person you are talking to or about - respect their point of view, even if you vehemently disagree with it. Comments violating the rules will be down-voted, flagged, or as a last resort removed. Comments under your name will never be edited by admins, but they may be removed for spam or trolling. Some guidelines on comments:

When offering criticism, make sure you fully back it up and try to see the reasons why certain decisions you disagree with were made. Often there is more than one answer to a particular problem, often you won't fully understand the problem you're talking about.


Please contact rocketlaunchr.cloud on gmail if you just want to say hello, or to report spam or posts violating the above rules.
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